About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at OasisLivingES is to transform the vacation rental experience through the power of technology and exceptional service. We are dedicated to providing property owners with smart, data-driven solutions that maximize their returns, while offering guests a curated, unforgettable stay that feels like home.

 We strive to exceed expectations at every step, from the ease of booking to the warmth of departure, ensuring that every touchpoint with OasisLivingES is a delight. Our mission is to make every stay with us not just a vacation, but a memory that lasts a lifetime

Our vision

At OasisLivingES, our vision is to pioneer a new era in the vacation rental industry, where technology and luxury coalesce to create unparalleled experiences. We aspire to lead the European market, setting new benchmarks in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

We envision a future where every interaction with OasisLivingES, be it a property owner optimizing their returns or a guest cherishing their vacation, is a testament to the seamless integration of AI, machine learning, and human touch.

Our Story

In the idyllic setting of Ibiza, the company started its journey. Capitalizing on the island’s popularity as a vacation destination, they perfected their vacation rental platform, offering an unparalleled experience to travelers.

With the success on the vibrant island, they set their sights on conquering the rest of Spain. Leveraging their technological prowess, they are expanding their reach to major cities and coastal towns, capturing a diverse array of stunning properties for their platform.

Word of mouth spread like wildfire, and soon, property owners from all over the island sought to partner with the company to maximize their rental potential. As the company grew, they continued to innovate, introducing new features and services, further solidifying their position as the go-to platform for vacation rentals in Spain. Today, they stand as a national icon of excellence in the real estate and travel industries.

Meet the Team.

Pedro Alonso De Hita:


At a young age, Pedro founded his tourist villa rental company in Ibiza. With vision and determination, he turned his love for the island into a successful business, offering visitors unique experiences in exclusive villas. His innovative approach and personalized service made his company stand out in Ibiza’s competitive tourist market.

Andrei Nicolau:

EU Advisor

As a European advisor in a villa management company, Andrei Nicolau combines his strong background in entrepreneurship with a deep understanding of the luxury real estate market. With a career marked by success in optimizing the profitability of exclusive properties, Andrei stands out for his strategic approach and interpersonal skills. His commitment to excellence has led to ongoing satisfaction among property owners and the creation of memorable experiences for guests in the villas he manages.

Mark Winters

UK Advisor

Mark, hailing from the United Kingdom, is an experienced villa advisor in Ibiza, blending profound knowledge of the real estate market with a solid understanding of local legislation. Thanks to his ability to provide comprehensive guidance, he has earned the trust of clients seeking not only exclusive properties but also solid advice on legal matters related to real estate.


Legal Counsel

Kathryn, a legal advisor on a villa management team in Ibiza, blends her passion for the law with her love for the island. With a solid legal background, she specializes in ensuring seamless real estate transactions, ensuring that every experience in Ibiza’s luxurious villas is legally flawless and memorable.



James, CTO of a villa company in Ibiza, blends his passion for technology with the island’s beauty. His leadership drove innovative digital solutions to enhance guest experiences, establishing the company as a benchmark in luxury vacationing in Ibiza.


IT Development

Bob is a skilled computer developer at a Villas company in Ibiza. With a strong background in programming and an innovative approach, he has made significant contributions to enhancing digital systems and services, providing exceptional experiences for luxury villa clients on the island. His passion for technology and commitment to excellence distinguish him as a valuable team member.

Our commitment to customer service sets us apart. Whether you’re a property owner or a guest, our team is always available to ensure your needs are met

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